I work with 'Manic' Mums & 'Desperate' Dads, who are

reacting to the constant push & pull of life.

Do you find you shout at the Kids?

Lose your temper over dropping your toast?

Find you always say 'Yes'?

Snap at your partner or loved ones?

The Solution Focused element of this therapy allows you to look at life through a more positive lense. Bringing the good things that happen in your day to the forefront.

The Hypnotherapy element helps to consolidating the positive work that has been

done & then allows your mind to calm, your breathing to slow down & your body

to release tension & stress.

When this happen’s we are able to:

·    Be calmer,

·    More relaxed,

·    We can think more clearly,

·    We get a better night’s sleep,

& approach each day with a peaceful,

& relaxed confidence.

Click this button to                                so we can organise a time

for a chat about where you are now, & what you would like to achieve.

The daily struggles, overwhelming choices and constant pulls on our time can

​make us frazzled, tired, & always looking too far ahead.

By taking time for reflection & relaxation we learn how to move away from our

previous negative behaviours.

This helps us to lower our stress levels which can cause physical

symptoms in our bodies & minds.

Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy you will gain a set of tools that you 

can call on at any time to help yourself, or a friend, or loved one.

I'm just a click away,                               so we can organise a time

for a chat about where you are now, & what you would like to achieve.

I am available for sessions via zoom or for Face-to-Face sessions

in my studio in Alton, Hampshire.

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help with 

*Anxiety *Anger *Stress * Phobias

*Stop Smoking * Low Moods * Insomnia

*Confidence & * Relaxation

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  Sue holds an enhanced DBS certificate 

Hypnotherapy is effective. Results may vary and success is not guaranteed.

Full client commitment is important, & the client will want to make changes.

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