FREE informal Parent Talk

To help you support you & your family as your children head back to school




FREE TALK – limited no of spaces

It will be recorded & available on my Facebook Group @justbe

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Returning to school after the summer can be a mixed time, full of excitement, new shoes, crisp uniforms, and sleepless nights.


After the year that we have all had, it’s not surprising if we as parents & our children are feeling extra worried, scared, or anxious.


Come to a FREE informal talk

3 Steps to support you

& your family

  1. Make sure you’re ok! Yes, when we, as the adults in our children’s lives aren’t relaxed, patient and calm we aren’t able to be the support the that our children need us to be.

  2.  Communication – Have open talks, let your children tell you how they are feeling, just sit and listen to them, without trying to find solutions. Be supportive and ask them is there a time where they were able to do this? What did they do then? Thank them for their honesty and openness.

  3.  Acknowledge your feelings and those of your children, recognise the emotions, and then use them as signposts. Also remember 'I am angry' – give it a time caveat – "I am feeling angry now" – it then doesn’t have such a hold on you – and you’re not angry – its something you’re feeling – it will pass.