Anxiety is something that can affect us all at one time or another to differing degrees. Learn how to take back control and look to a brighter future.


Feeling low and lacking motivation, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you to gradually move forward and to get back to the real you back on track.


Is your life being limited by your phobia? Causing you worry, concern and panic? We can use different techniques to override the phobia template and reset it with one that reflects the future you aspire to.


We are all affected by stress in different ways and this can come with many symptoms from migraines & I.B.S to eczema or anger. Release your stress to move forward in life.


Do you keep trying to lose weight? Learn how your body deals with stress and gain a better understanding of why we put weight on. This will be over a minimum of 4 sessions.


Do you have a test to take, meeting to run? Come and learn how to be more confident. Or maybe you need to learn to relax and take some time for you. Care for your mind and the rest will follow.


Finding it hard to sleep, waking up during the night or really early in the morning? Stress and anxiety can cause many problems. Let's reset your balance and get you having a good nights sleep again.


Tired of this habit? Want to change how you spend your money? Then come and have a one off hypnotherapy session to stop your smoking habit and get your health back on track.