Do you have a PHOBIA & want to get rid of it?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you

One of the many ways that I help my clients is by getting rid of their phobias by using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH). Whether your phobia is about spiders, flying, public speaking or the many other reasons that you have one it really can be gone forever.

To start us off here is a testimonial from a client who I have helped as she wanted to get rid of her phobia of spiders and butterflies.

Dear Sue,

I can never thank you enough for how you have helped me out of my horrendous phobia.

If anybody has any doubts about hypnotherapy please do not, I have been saved from a life time phobia of spiders and butterflies, Sue I have to admit that I did not think that you could help, how wrong I was.

I can now go into a room with ease and have a picnic without panic! My phobia was affecting my life hugely, gone are the sweaty, breathless panic attacks that are now part of the past. I am now in control of that part of my life, thanks to you Sue. If anybody has any doubts, then please show them this.

I am forever grateful for your help.


How do we help people with phobias?

In the first session, the initial consultation, we will confirm that it is a phobia and not a fear that is exacerbated by stress, and we will also decide whether you need some extra sessions, prior to the actual phobia removal, to help lower your stress, busyness, or anxiety levels, before we go into the actual phobia work.

It is important to consider whether our ‘emotional bucket’ is full because when it is, we end up feeling negative, despondent, angry, or overwhelmed.

So, what is this ‘emotional bucket’?

Its unique to each of us and something that we all need. It makes sure that our stress levels stay healthy and balanced.

Due to evolution we have an inbuilt flight or fight mechanism which we need to survive. This is fuelled by our stress, and a small amount of stress is good, it motivates us and gets us out of bed in the morning, doing the jobs that we need to do. But when we get too much in our ‘emotional bucket’ we can begin to feel overwhelmed, chaotic, and anxious.

Usually our ‘emotional bucket’ would get emptied overnight through our, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This is when we take an emotional memory, from our subconscious mind and change it to a narrative memory, in our intellectual mind. We do this through dreaming, in either clear, (by rerunning the event) or metaphorically, (in dreams) and then the memory is stored in the intellectual mind where we have more control over it.

Often in the evening, after a stressful or emotional event, we can go to bed feeling upset and angry, once we have slept on it, we feel so much better and can be more logical about the situation. Hence the saying “sleep on it!” Because the REM sleep has done its job.

REM sleep is very tiring on the body, but essential for good mental health and ensuring we have a regular and solid opportunity for sleep is important for this process to occur. When it does then the brain is able to process and empty content from the ‘emotional bucket’. Therefore, providing you with the ability to wake up feeling fresh and ready to enjoy your day.

If the sleep your getting is not deep enough, long enough or is broken up, it often means that you are not able to empty your bucket and then it can begin to fill up and overflow. This is when we can become more negative, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, and it can lead to panic attacks, heart racing, head aches etc.

By doing some SFH sessions first, we can through the trance work (that replicates REM) remove some of the things from the bucket, which will help you towards your end goal of removing the phobia.

If there is no underlying ‘bucket emptying’ to do then Phobia’s are provided as a group of 4 sessions. Although, I have had clients who have needed some de-stress and 'bucket' emptying work first and so we have done 8, 9, 10 or so sessions, which has included the phobia removal as well.

I have included a link to an article that explains how hypnotherapy can help with phobia removals and how we can use our imagination to support us in a positive way.

If you are interested or have any queries about Phobia removal or anything mentioned in this post then please feel free to contact me. I am also available for bucket emptying sessions for stress, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed at:

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