Does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really work?


olution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazing, it kind of creeps in and changes things on such a subtle level that your not always aware and then, bang, you realise that you are thinking positively and have that cheery smile on your face and life is so much more fun and happy.

It takes commitment from the client and a willingness to learn new ways to react and behave. However, the most amazing part is you don't have to relive any past or bad experiences, we pick up from today and look to the future that you desire.

So, the question remains and as it is one that I get asked many times, I have decided that the best way to answer this is with a testimonial I was sent this week from a client who recently finished their sessions with me.

A big thank you to my clients for all their testimonials and a huge thank you for this one.


As somebody who suffers with both depression and anxiety, along with a number of chronic health conditions, I was pessimistic that anything would help much.  I’ve done all the usual things that are recommended with regards to diet and exercise but nothing has got me out of the rut of negative thinking.

 Sue was recommended through a friend of a friend and I felt I had nothing to lose.  I immediately liked her and found her voice really soothing and calming.

I did not feel at all judged, in fact quite the opposite, it felt as though she had known me for a very long time.

Sue would spend time explaining to me how the mind works and how the primitive mind can influence us more than we would like.  She explained in an easy to understand way how we think and how it is we can be our own best friend or worst enemy. 

Sue is very patient and will listen with understanding and empathy but will politely steer you in the right direction if she feels it’s in your interest.

She will ask you a couple of questions that will encourage positive thinking and now I ask myself these questions daily and automatically!

At first with the hypnotherapy I found that I was a little uncomfortable and it felt difficult to switch off, it’s an alien thing for me to be doing and I was way too alert throughout. That said Sue has such a soothing voice that it was still very therapeutic.

By the second or third time I found that I was drifting off more and becoming more deeply relaxed. Sometimes I would feel so relaxed that I remembered what it felt like before having chronic pain.  I didn’t want to wake!

When I did wake up I felt lighter, I felt as though some information had gone into my head and that my ”computer” was just dealing with it and processing it without me having to think about much.  I found I was in a better mood and more able to cope with the day ahead.

A few weeks later the combination of the weekly sessions with Sue and the track I was listening to at home led me to a more positive place.

I now know that I have control over my thoughts and my life. I know how to give myself a “brain break”. And I am looking forward to using these new found skills going forward with my whole family. 

Of course I know Sue is there for me to book any further therapy with should I feel it is necessary. 

I would thoroughly recommend Sue as a therapist, she really knows her stuff, puts people at ease, and is very skilled at what she does.

Hopefully this will have answered the question and you will be able to see the benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH), I love it.

Having personally experienced SFH within my family, this is what has led me to retrain and set up my own practice to spread the amazing effects of this great therapy.

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