What is all this 'talk' about? Solution Focused Hypnotherapy explained.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does what it says in the title, ‘focuses on solutions.’ It is a talk therapy that utilises positive thought and language. Only a minimal amount of detail is required regarding a client’s health and life and this is used to tailor the sessions to the client’s specific needs. Another positive element to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that the client doesn’t need to relive any past negative experiences, as we work on the here and now.

By encouraging our clients to look at the future they want to achieve we can support them in finding the solutions within themselves. An integral part of the sessions is understanding how the brain works and why we can often find ourselves operating from a place of anger, anxiety or depression or a combination of all three. Understanding how this happens helps clients to change their previous patterns of behaviour to ways that are more productive for them.

We incorporate the use of hypnotherapy, trance work, and this is a very natural process, one that we all go into many times a day. It can happen when we are reading a book, watching T.V. or driving the car. I’m sure you have had those moments where you are daydreaming or not engaged with the world around you, they can be very relaxing. By allowing our minds to relax and focus on the same thing we have access to the subconscious mind, and this is where you will be able to move towards more positive patterns of behaviour.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works very quickly and often just by refocusing our minds onto our positive thoughts we can have such a wake-up call. Clients like to come back for top up sessions, because they enjoy the relaxation and time to step back from the world and put themselves first.

In a world where our mental health is beginning to get the focus that it deserves, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a great choice, and one where you, as the client, are an integral element. By being engaged with the process and having a desire to change you will move along on your journey to experience the wonderful life that you want.

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